Ways to Donate to AAA  


The American Academy of Advertising is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization, which means that donations to the AAA are tax deductible. Please help us build a stronger Academy by making a donation. Receipts will be sent for contributions. There are many specific causes to which you may contribute, including the following: 


AAA Future Fund * 

This is a general fund to ensure the future viability of the Academy. The AAA historically has been an all-volunteer organization, which has kept its costs extremely low. As a result, both the dues and the conference fees over the years have been far lower than most peer organizations. This fund is to guarantee that, even as costs increase and some previously volunteer functions no longer can be handled by volunteers, the Academy will continue to be financially strong and affordable for all members.


AAA Student Support Fund 

Students tend to be the least able to pay the costs of conducting research and attending conferences, but their involvement is essential to the future of the Academy and the field. The AAA has a long history of providing research awards to students, as well as underwriting a portion of their dues and conference fees. This fund is to enable the AAA to continue and, over time, increase support for student participation in the Academy.


AAA Events Fund 

Most AAA events are conferences, which have been a central function of the Academy since its inception.  Over the years more conferences, including those in the Asia-Pacific area and more recently in Europe, have been added to the Academy’s planned events. These are the most expensive and financially risky initiatives planned by the organization, and great effort is taken to keep the costs and the risks as low as possible. This fund is intended to enhance the quality of these events and to provide more monetary security for the AAA, potentially enabling additional events be added to the Academy’s calendar in the future.


AAA Research Fund 

The AAA is an organization to support both education and research in advertising. No other open membership organization supports and encourages research into the process and effects of advertising. The AAA offers various awards and publications as both catalysts and distribution channels for such research. This fund is to enable the AAA to continue and, over time, increase support for advertising research.



Donations also can be made in the name of friends or loved ones, to honor their accomplishments. 



This organization and its causes can mean a great deal in the lives of members, and even to some non-members who care about the field of advertising. When they pass away there may be a desire to memorialize their life through a donation to the AAA.



Posthumous donations may be made by naming the AAA in your Last Will & Testament. This is an opportunity for members, and others who believe in the AAA, to touch future generations and to publicly acknowledge how important you feel the Academy is to the future of advertising and advertising education. A simple form of bequest would require only the insertion of language similar to the following in your Will:


“I give to the American Academy of Advertising, a Utah not-for-profit corporation, the sum of $____DOLLARS, or _____% of my residuary estate, (and/or if property is given, describe same), for its general use and purposes.” 



* All donations with no specified purpose or restrictions will be deposited into this fund.

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NOTE: To specify the purpose of your donation, put select the appropriate fund and fill in any comments when you submit your donation. You can also e-mail the AAA Executive Director Pat Rose at director@aaasite.org 


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